About me

Job      : Teacher of English
School : Talkha Governmental Distinguished Language School

I was graduated from the faculty of education department of English in 1999

received an  Advanced Diploma in professional teacher practice from Northumbria University (England) in 2009

I received a certificate of attendance in St Catherine's primary school in Newcastle, England during the academic year 2008/2009

I received a Professional educator diploma  from the American university in Cairo

Fundamentals of English Language Teaching  ( FELT )

  Information Technology Qualification

        I attended a training course in information technology at Mansoura University in 2001

 I received ICDL certificate  in 2008
I received e-Citizen certificate from England in 2008

I received Oracle ( SQL ) certificate in 2010

I received MCE certificate in 2015

I am recognized as Intel Learn Master Trainer

I am recognized as" intel teach" trainer at the Professional Academy for Teachers